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Seirin Acupuncture NeedlesSeirin developed the first single use sterile needle. They have continued to lead the production and quality of acupuncture needles.

Seirin Acupuncture NeedlesWe mostly stock the J Type (with insertion tube) which is made with a new technology that allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure, and features an easy grip, color coded, lightweight 2.0 x 20mm plastic handle with a soft-touch top.

Each box contains 100 needles. Available sizes are;

J Type (insertion tube) ;

  • 0.25*40 mm
  • 0.30*50 mm
  • 0.30*60 mm (metal top for electroacupuncture)

D Type (no insertion tube)

  • 0.20*15 mm

Pyronex (press stud) has a 2.8mm diameter ring handle and 10 x 10mm hypoallergenic and waterproof skin tape.

We now arrange all needle orders through our Online Shop facility that can be found on our AAP Education website. Click here for automatic redirection. This is an encrypted and protected website, you will need to create a login account for your security. This will be done as part of your ordering process.


Hwato Acupuncture NeedlesHwato UltraClean is China's finest quality traditional needles. Established 140 years ago, the Hwato factory is the world's oldest, largest and most respected manufacturer of hand-made needles.

Hwato Acupuncture NeedlesFeatures a traditional filiform wound copper handle with end ring on a stainless steel shaft. All Hwato needles are single use, sterile needles packed with guide tubes in boxes of 100 needles.

Available sizes are;

  • 0.22*30 mm, 0.30*50 mm, 0.30*75 mm

FREE Acupuncture Needles are available in a 'Kit' for qualified practitioners enrolling on our Introductory Anatomical Acupuncture Course. Learn about our Anatomical Acupuncture Program.

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