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Newsletter n°71 - 24 April 2018  

Hello Visitor,

In the past couple of days I have seen a couple of clients who reinforced something fundamental about quality of life.

Physical Strength = Independence = Improved Quality of Life

These were clients over both 60 years of age, with long term joint injuries/arthritis and had noticed that their pain was limiting their quality of life. They had tried the 'wait and see', had a couple of massages, but nothing was improving and so attended for professional assessment and advice.

Following assessment and explaining what were the main issues, they were provided some short term treatment to alleviate their pain and started on a structured strengthening program. I have seen them one month later on review, to find they were ecstatic about the turn around in their quality of life; walking with grandchildren was no longer a chore, returning to ball room dancing was enjoyable, even doing the shopping was no longer avoided!

They still had arthritis, it wasn't gone! What they had was a plan on how to move forward, alleviation of their pain and a structured program that was improving their weak muscle, so they could better support their joint arthritis while doing the things they loved.

Please find attached important information about the role of exercise in your life.

Personalised Programs

Esperance Physiotherapy has professional staff that are trained and have experience in designing appropriate exercise programs suited to individuals with pain. While a near unlimited range of exercises could be undertaken (check out the internet), often when taking into consideration a client's preferences, access to equipment and co existing physical injuries, there is a limited range of correct exercises that are appropriate.

Learning how to correctly perform an exercise is like learning to hit a golf ball. Sure you can watch a video or read a book, but neither correct your mistakes or provide appropriate feedback. Our professional staff can integrate these guidelines for your specific situation, take the time to unsure you are completing them correctly and progress them when appropriate.

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