Celebrating Tradies Month



Newsletter n°64 - 24 April 2018  

Hello Visitor,

August is Tradies Month

Our professional organization, the Australian Physiotherapy Association  focuses public attention on ‘Tradies’ for the month of August.

At Esperance Physiotherapy we think this is a really good idea. We see lots of plumbers, sparkies, grannos, chipies, pavers, tillers, TAs, and plasterers every week. We would broaden the category of ‘tradies’ to include farmers, truckies, yard hands, store-man, and maintenance crews - pretty much anyone that undertakes intermittent physical work through out the course of their working day.

There are some common physical themes that we see, and definitely there is potential to improve physical health and well being. Some themes are;

  • Generally the tradie population is male
  • Generally if under the age of 25 they are playing some organized sport
  • Generally if over the age of 30 they have a mortgage, partners and possibly children
  • Generally over the age of 30 they have stopped organized sport

Add to the mix;

  • Generally males have more but tighter muscle than females
  • Generally males like to do weights and not stretching
  • Generally males like beer more than females
  • Repetitive heavy physical work can overload joints

Which lead us to suggest the following equation;

           +               = 

                       BLOKE + BEER - EXERCISE = STIFF + SORE BACK

It seems in this life we will all need to work for longer and assuming blokes want to continue enjoying their work, it is important they maintain and preserve their physical capacity.

From our experience we offer therefore the following SWOT analysis;


Blokes have genetically more muscle mass than females and like your ute or tractor, your body requires regular physical servicing for optimal functioning. National Health guidelines now recommend daily mild to moderate intensity exercise, 40 - 60 minutes. Use it or lose it!


It helps to know your weak points and one of the most common one is lack of muscle flexibility, another being core spinal strength.


With increased alcohol consumption and being a 'Norm' can develop pain, inability to kick a football with your kids, diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart attack.


At Esperance Physiotherapy we offer a 20 - 30 minute assessment and individualized recommendation + plan. Sure there is plenty of general information available on the net, but it is just that, generalized and not specific to your situation. You may be focusing time on the unnecessary and not enough time on the important. Esperance Physiotherapy will help you to be more targeted and specific in your goals.

Speaking of oppportunity - check out the Towards Zero FarmFit Challenge 2015 as a starting point for your improved physcial wellbeing, plus potentially pocketing some serious cash in prizes.


Give us ring to book your appointment to truly find out where you are at physically.

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