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MoMENts In Time - Men's Health Week June 15-21 2015

Looking at men’s health across age groups there are several challenges, important to identify.

Young Males

Suicide accounts for slightly more than one-quarter of all male deaths in the 20-24 year old age group. As participants in society, we all need to remain alert to the challenges facing our younger males and help them develop the necessary skills to manage a changing and complex environment.

Research shows that fathers as role models have a particularly strong influence on encouraging healthy eating patterns in children. This is the same for exercising, reading, communication and manners. Having a positive role model for young males is a great springboard into life.

Older Males

There is generally a secret squirrels society out there when it comes to discussions about prostate cancer, and the side effects after treatment like urinary incontinence and sexual impotence. With 22,000 cases per year, so many males are suffering in silence and often not knowing how to move forward. A great bloke’s book on this subject, written by physiotherapist Craig Allingham, is called Prostate Recovery Men’s Action Plan. You could pick up a copy online. The outlined principals in this book of rehabilitation are the same, that are followed here at Esperance Physiotherapy, when we treat guys presenting with prostate issues.

With males living longer, “Australian males born in 2007 can expect to live 24 years longer than males born in 1901” comes the reality of needing to stay active, to enjoy those extra 24 years. Fitness equates to physical independence, in much the same way that superannuation equates to financial independence. By putting in regular, consistent deposits into the fitness bank (exercising), you are significantly improving the chances of an independent later lifestyle. Want to delay the nursing home, start exercising today!

Esperance Physiotherapy can assist you in developing an appropriate exercise program, whether you are hampered by injury or not. That is what we specialise in.

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Get Involved

Foreshore Pit Stop health checks will be conducted as part of Men's Health Week. Contact Shelly on 90721072 for further details.

Re Accredition of Practice 2015 - 2019

After 6 months of policy and procedure reviews Esperance Physiotherapy has received re accreditation for the practice by Quality In Practice Australia. Valid for 4 years we are one of only 40 practices in WA to receive this award. Congratulations to all staff for their huge efforts.

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