Do You Experience Dizziness?



Newsletter n°61 - 24 April 2018  

Hello Visitor,

Actually the term dizziness is of it self very broad, like saying 'I have a cold'. There are several different sensations that are described by most people as the feeling of dizziness. It maybe the sensation when you get up from lying or standing quickly, or it can be following a sudden movement of the neck, not eating enough food or drinking enough water and it can be a sudden, severe onset of room spinning.

Causes of Dizziness

The cause of each of these experiences of ‘dizziness’ is quite different. The reason is that several key parts of our brain are involved in balance and they receive input from different areas;

  • The inner ear (vestibular system - responsible for detecting constant motion, acceleration and direction)
  • The neck (maintains our eyes in a horizontal position)
  • The skin, joints (information about body position)
  • The nerves (whose job it is to transmit this information)

Once the information reaches the brain, the brain needs to assess and assimilate all that information on a continuous basis. If the information the brain receives is conflicting, then one of the sensations experienced is ‘dizziness’. Because the information received is from a variety of sources, so to can be the cause of the dizziness from a variety of sources.

Additional Training Required

Some of the basic causes of dizziness are taught to all physiotherapists. To enable comprehensive assessment and to apply corrective treatment, the staff at Esperance Physiotherapy has been receiving additional training. Melissa earlier this year attended a course in Perth conducted by a physiotherapist who treats full time just vestibular clients. As part of his specialisation training, Doug received mentoring from this same physiotherapist and later this year is traveling to Melbourne to further his training, in a 5 day course presented by a range of international ‘balance’ specialists that visit every few years.

So if you experience a form of dizziness that is impacting on your quality of life, consider contacting us. We will assess your situation and advise you on the appropriate form of treatment for your form of dizziness.

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